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Side by Side Leadership Training and Coaching Results


1. Amoco Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Integration training and coaching for $ 4 billion merger of U.S. company with a Canadian company. Two different organizational cultures. The legal and financial merger was completed, but the psychological merger was stalled. It was “we” versus “they”.


Results:100% improvement in profits of previous best year. After 18 months turned around a $400 million loss to a $50 million profit as well as paying off the debt on the purchase.


2.Texas Instruments Portugal Porto, Portugal

Side by Side facilitated the development of a strategic plan involving the executive team, managers, and the most creative thinkers in the organization.


Results: Texas Instruments Portugal successfully formed a strategic alliance with Samsung. TI Portugal was recognized as the most productive plant out of 400 in the Samsung network of companies. TI Portugal won the National Quality Award of Portugal.


3. Advanced Micro Devices,AMD, Wafer Fab Division Austin, Texas

Provided Side by Side Leadership Training and Structured Teamwork Training to over 100 teams including the top management team. Facilitated the development of annual goal setting, strategy development, and action plan development for Fabs 10, 14 and 15. Provided organizational leadership training and strategic planning for the new state of the art Fabs in Austin and Dresden, Germany


Results: Fabs 10, 14, and 15 obtained 25% improvement in productivity for three consecutive years.


4. Noble Energy Houston, Texas

Noble Energy was formerly known as Noble Affiliates whose exploration and production business was stagnate. Side by Side facilitated leadership training and strategic planning conferences with the executive team and the broader management team in strategic planning off-site and on-site conferences from 2001—2006.


Results: Noble Energy moved from bottom fourth quartile in company performance on peer group indices to the top quartile in total shareholder return.


5. Vastar Resources, Inc. Houston, Texas

Side by Side facilitated the development of Vastar’s five-year visionary goals and strategies. Also, facilitated strategic planning and alignment workshops to develop and implement annual plans. Provided Side by Side Leadership training at all levels of the organization.


Results: Within four years Vastar Resources went from the bottom third of its peer group of fourteen other energy companies to the number one position in shareholder performance. The increase in shareholder value was over $5 Billion. Side by Side Leadership was acknowledged by the CEO as a major contributor to the outstanding results.


6. MetroNational Corporation Houston, Texas

Provided leadership training and coaching to all executives and managers from 1998-2005. Facilitated formation of strategic alliances and partnering workshops for $500 million mall redevelopment. Facilitated corporate strategic plan development during their transition from first-generation management to second-generation management. Worked with MetroNational to develop strategic plan .


Results: One year after MetroNational’s first strategic plan was implemented there was a 30% increase in net operating income.


7. Tracor Aerospace Telecommunications Division Austin, Texas

Facilitated the strategic goal setting and planning of the Telecommunications Division. Provided follow-up training to the managers on project management skills to implement the plan.


Results: The Telecommunication Division was able to grow its gross revenue by 40% in two years.


8. Dell, Inc Austin, Texas

Side by Side facilitated the development of the “Field Map for Business and Financial Planning” for the Transaction Finance Group at Dell Computer. This involved multiple department heads and key people. Created an on-going strategic planning process that involved all levels of management and all departments.


Results: The Transaction Finance Group was able to develop new planning processes that reduced person hours and overall cycle time so successfully that the planning process was adopted by the other divisions of Dell Computer.


9. Guadalupe Valley Telecommunication Company Smithson Valley, Texas

Side by Side Leadership training and coaching provided to the executive team. Worked with Long Range Planning Committee of the Board of Directors and the Executive team to develop an actionable Strategic Plan. Facilitated a series of meetings that resulted in clear direction and required changes.


Results: The 2005 Leadership training and Strategic Planning workshops were a major turnaround for GVTC.


10. Agrium Calgary, Canada

Agrium is one of North America’s largest fertilizer companies. Side by Side worked with the CEO, Executive Team and Board of Directors over a series of three consecutive years on their strategic plan. Assisted in the formation of Vision, Values and Visionary Goal.


Results: Company performance and shareholder price increased 300%.


11. Barton Medical Austin, Texas

Facilitated first Strategic Planning process after Barton Medical’s M&As with three other companies. Identified strengths and weaknesses of different strategies for Barton Medical.


Results: Improved communication, coordination, and innovative thinking of Barton Medical executive team.



Structured Teamwork® Produces Results


1.Advanced Micro Devices Sunnyvale, California

The management team and 80 natural work groups in an advanced state of the art computer chip facility were trained in Structured Teamwork skills.


Results: The 80 teams combined to achieve $50 million of improvements the first year after training and an additional $25 million improved performance the second year.


2. Texas Instruments (TI) facilities around the world (U.S, Mexico, Singapore, Portugal, Germany, Italy, India, France, Great Britain, Philippines and Taiwan)


Results: A. Texas Instruments in Singapore – Half of the factory implementing Side by Side achieved 23% greater productivity than the other half. Texas Instruments Singapore won its country’s National Quality award B. Texas Instruments Portugal won its country’s National Quality award. C. TI Mexico achieved first profitable annual performance after implementation of Structured Teamwork program.


3. Cochin Pipeline Upgrade Project Case Study Calgary, Alberta

Trained and coached the leaders and main contributors from five organizations to Hinz Automation; Valmet; Advanced Pipeline Technologies (APT); Amoco TN; and Unitel in Structured Teamwork. The risks of lack of coordination; project delays and cost overruns were high because of multiple partners involved.


Results: The project achieved all major outcomes on schedule within budget even though the project was interrupted by a major opportunity. The opportunity was to open up the pipeline for some new product demand that was unanticipated. Because of the excellent teamwork and coordination significant unanticipated income was realized


4. Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) Coral Springs, Florida and Muncie, Indiana

Trained multiple teams at both organizations in Structured Teamwork skills. All previous efforts at implementing teams prior to Structured Teamwork were failures.



  • Information Systems Improvement Team Decreased order entry and parts ordering cycle time from 6 weeks to 48 hours.
  • Drafting Team Reduced cycle time to produce printed circuit board layouts from 26 days to 9 days.
  • Metropolitan Edison Customer Team Completed relay systems in a record 18 weeks versus usual 23 weeks. Achieved in spite of customer-initiated design changes and materials delays. Accounts receivable cycle time reduced from 64 to 29 days.
  • Honolulu Airport Expansion Project Team Shipped 14 relay panels in record 26 weeks instead of 32 weeks.
  • Shipping and Receiving Team Reduced shipping errors to Puerto Rico by 69%. Reduced transportation costs 45% from $.45 to $.25. Other improvements saved $150,000.
  • Marketing and Negotiation Team Obtained a large 25 systems relay order at a premium of 15% over the low bidder. Team improved bidding process. Submitted a perfect proposal.