Laurie Romig

My name is Dennis Romig, and I will be your Side by Side Leadership coach. My colleagues and I have discovered a new way to coach leaders to improve business results fast - so fast and so well that even I was a little surprised. One company, which you can read about it in "Side by Side Leadership: Achieving Outstanding Results Together," realized a gain of several billion dollars!


One thing that surprised me was that Side by Side Leadership works anywhere. Training and coaching developed for high-tech companies (Texas Instruments, Advanced Micro Devices, Dell Computer) brought outstanding results in other organizations as well - energy companies, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing, health care, government, even religious organizations.


To understand how Side by Side Leadership came to be, it would help you to know something about my background. In high school and college, I was avidly interested in science and studied biology and chemistry. I later completed a doctoral degree in educational psychology and management at the University of Texas. During my studies, I asked my professors, "Where is the scientific proof for all these psychology and management theories." The answer was often, "There isn't any."


However, I felt sure that high-quality research might answer my question about how leaders influence organizational productivity. My book, Side by Side Leadership, is based on my reviews of 3,000 studies of leadership and management, as well as studies in biology, neurophysiology, and Murray Bowen's Natural Systems Theory.


I am now the CEO of Side by Side, Inc., in Austin, Texas, working with a group of talented people. We call ourselves a "think and do tank." The "think" part is the research we collect and analyze; the "do" is the practical skills in our training materials and consulting. The successes (and failures) of the "do" feed back into improving the "think."


Give Side by Side Leadership a try and let me know how it goes.